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  Texas all the new material co., LTD,All the new materials focusing on water conservancy、Environmental and ecological restoration technology research and development and product manufacturing,And a professional construction engineering and technical services team。The water conservancy project has been completed100A number of,Environmental engineering200A number of,Typical engineering including the south-north water diversion project、The three gorges project、Hutuo river seepage control engineering,Baoding round-the-city water engineering、Jinan landfill site engineering,Guilin landfill site engineering、Datong power plant seepage control engineering、Jiaxing railway station seepage control engineering、Heilongjiang agricultural reclamation anti-seepage engineering, etc。
The main products include geotextile Texas all the new materials,HDPEMembrane、The composite geomembrane、Drainage network、Short filament geotextile, etc,All products are avirulent environmental protection material,Can be widely applied:
1. Environmental restoration project(Food base soil improvement、The industrial field、Mining、Water and other projects、Vegetable greenhouses,Breeding,Planting, etc)2. Water conservancy project(Rivers and reservoirs、Of the levee anti-seepage reinforcement、Canal seepage control、Slope protection, etc)And municipal seepage control(The subway、The structure of the underground engineering、Planting roof、Seepage control of roof garden、Sewage pipe lining, etc)。

Texas all the new material co., LTD
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